El Dorado Quotes
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Here are some of my favorite quotes. I'll be adding more soon. Please mail me if you think of a quote that not posted...


Tulio-"You know that little voice in your head that tells you to quit why your ahead? You don't have one!

Miguel-"Tulio, you even you said, it might be real! And it is! It really is the map to El Dorado!"

Tulio-"You drank the sea water didn't you."

Miguel-Oh come on!

Tulio-"I'm not coming on! I wouldn't go into that jungle for a million pesetas. Now lets just get back in the boat and-"

Miguel-"How about, 100 million? I just thought afterall, since El Dorado is the city of gold, there might be, oh gold nuggets, dust, an entire temple of gold, where you can simply take the gold right off, but you dont want that! So, lets just get back in the boat and row back to Spain, afterall,it worked so well the first time."

Tulio-"W-wait, new plan, we find the city of gold, we take the gold, and then we row back to Spain."

Miguel-"And buy Spain!"

Tulio-"Your horse bit me on the butt!"


Tulio--"You gave me loaded dice? (runsinto guard) He gave me loaded dice! Guard arrest him!"

Miguel--"You dare to impune my honor? He was the one that was cheating, arrest him! He tricked these sailors and took their money!"

Tulio--"Oh so now I'm the theif?"


Tulio--"Take a look in the mirror, pal!"

Miguel--"You better give that money back or I'll--I'll-- (reaches back and draws the guard's sword) En garde!"

Tulio--"En garde yourself! I will give you the honor of a quick and painless death! (takes a little dagger from a some guy) But not with that."


Tulio-"HALF!? Look sweetheart, 10%, maybe, but half? No no no no

Chel-"Well maybe I won't go to Spain with you"

Tulio-"Oh like you dont want to go to Spain with me"

Chel-"Oh, Like you dont want me to go to Spain with you!"

Tulio-"I-, I want you to come back to Spain with me and Miguel. Mostly me. Only me. Forget Miguel"
::kisses Chel::
Miguel-"Forget Miguel? Hmph. Forget Tulio"


Miguel-"Did you ever think it would end like this?"

Tulio-"The horse is a surprise"

Miguel-"Any regrets?"

Tulio-"Other than dieing? I never had enough gold! Well, if its any consolation Miguel, you've made my life, and adventure!" *begins sobbing*

Miguel-"And if its any consolation to you Tulio, you made my life rich."


Miguel-"Sorry, I guess I just got carried away."
Tulio-"Way away!"


Tulio-"You fight like my sister!"
Miguel-"I fought your sister, Thats a compliment!"

Tulio--"You're not a god? You lied to me? (shoves Miguel away) How dare you!"

Miguel--"Hey it was his stupid plan!"

Tulio--"MY plan was that we should lie low! But your plan was to run off and be all 'Oh look at me, look at me I'm a god!'"

Miguel--"That's not true!"

Tulio--"Who are you kidding? You're buying your own con!"

Miguel--"At least I'm not dating mine."

Tulio--"I....ooo, low low."


Tulio--"Apparently, El Dorado is native for great, big....ROCK! But I tell you what, I'm felling generous so you can have my share!"

Miguel--"You don't think Cortes could've gotten here first and--"

Tulio--"And what? Taken all the really big rocks? The scoundrel!"


Miguel--"Tulio, they actually think we're gods!"

Tulio--"It's an entire city of suckers! Hey we just have to keep this up long enough to load up on the gold and then get the hell out of here!"

Miguel--"Tulio, we'll be living like kings!"

Tulio--"Miguel and Tulio..."

Miguel--"Tulio and Miguel!"

Tulio & Miguel--"Mighty and powerful gods!"

(Chel comes in) Chel--"Hello."

Tulio & Miguel--"AAAAAAA!" (They jump onto a throne. Chel laughs.)

Tulio--"Depart mortal...before we....strike you...with a...lightning bolt!"

(Chel hums and ignores them)

Miguel--"Beware the wrath of the gods! Be gone! *kkccgh, kkccgh*"

Chel--"Save it for the high priest, honey. You're gonna need it."

Miguel--"*kkccgh, kkccgh*"

Tulio--"Miguel, it's not working."

Miguel--"*kkccgh, kkccgh*"

Tulio--"Miguel, we've been caught."

Miguel--"*kkcgh, kcc--"

Chel--"Oh no, don't worry about me boys. 'My only wish is to serve the gods.' Remember?"


Chel--(puts her stolen golden idol back) "Well if you guys want the gold and you don't want to get caught, you're going to need my help."

Miguel--"What makes you think we need your help?"

Chel--"*kkccgh* Are you serious?"

(Tulio and Miguel look at each other) Miguel--"OK, so who are you?"

Tulio--"Yeah, yeah what's your angle?"

Chel--"No angle. I want in."


Chel--"On the scam."

Tulio--"Heh, heh, there's no scam. Why would you think there's a sc--why?"

Chel--"So I can get out."

Miguel--"I thought she just said she wanted in." (Tulio gets off the throne)

Tulio--"She wants in so she can get out."

Miguel--"Ah, got it! (Steps down from the throne) Why?"

Chel--"You think you're the only ones who dream of better things, of adventure? You've got your reasons, and I've got mine. Let's not make it personal, OK? it's just buisness."

Tulio & Miguel--"Oh." (Chel walks over to them)

Chel--(puts her hand on Miguel's shoulder) "So when you guys are ready to go back to, (puts her hand on Tulio's shoulder) wherever you came from, I'm coming with you."
Tulio--"*laughs* No don't think so!" (takes Chel's hand off his shoulder)

Chel--"Ok, fine. (shoves both of them and starts down some stairs, they follow her) After all, I'm sure you know all the proper rituals for blessing a tribute, the holiest days on the calender, oh and of course you know all about (pinches Tulio's cheek) Xibalba. Kay?" (she turns to walk away. Tulio rubs his cheek) See you at the execution.

Tulio--"Aaa...wait." (Chel turns around)


Miguel--(extending his hand to Chel) "Deal!"

Tulio--(snatching Miguel's hand away) "Not yet. (pinches Chel's cheek) Let's just see how this works out."

Chel--"Uh huh, well I guess that means you'll waant these back?" (pulls out Tulio's loaded dice)

Tulio--"How'd you get those?" (taking the dice back)

Miguel--"Where was she keeping them?"

Chel--"Call me Chel. Your new partner." (goes into the other room)

Tulio--"That's partner-in-training." (Chel comes back, tossing godly outfits at them)

Chel--"Put these on, your public's waiting!"

(Tulio and Miguel start to undress. Tulio sees Chel sitting on a cushion, watching them) Tulio--"Do you mind?"

Chel--"No. Oh, oh, right. Excuse me. (she gets up and goes behind a curtain) Bye! (she disappears)

Miguel--"Hmmm, maybe they should call this place Chel-Dorado."

Tulio--"She's...whoa! She's trouble! The little voice, remember the little voice? Just for a second imagine that you have one. What would it be saying about Chel?"


Tulio--"No! We are partners."


Tulio--"And we have a plan."

Miguel--"Get the gold, go back to Spain."

Tulio--"Right. And we are pretending to be gods. Now put Chel into the mix, and what does the voice say? Listen carefully."

Miguel--"*pauses* Chel is off limits?"

Tulio--"Right! Chel is off limits! Let's shake on it!"


Miguel-"How the, uh, hows the escape plan coming?"