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Pairing: Tulio/Miguel
Rating: R
Date: 4/22/00
Summary: Tulio gets all nervous and tense.
Archive: Pretty please do :) Tell me where it's going first

Series/Sequel: Maybe :)
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Disclaimer: Dreamworks owns them and let them have a little fun, but I let them have more :)

Tulio woke with a muffled gasp. The jungle around him was quiet but not silent; he could hear various birds and insects around and above him, Altivo snuffling around in the underbrush; but not the sounds he wanted to hear. Miguel, Miguel was gone.

They had fallen asleep together, arms wrapped around each other. Tulio was more nervous on their first night in the jungle than he would ever have let on, but somehow Miguel had sensed it, had cuddled close, given Tulio the comfort and reassurance he needed. Tulio had only been able to fall asleep due to Miguel. Now Miguel was gone.

"Miguel?" Tulio stood, took a few steps. "Miguel, where are you?"

Silence. It was as if the jungle had swallowed the other man whole. Tulio was shaking, eyes darting around nervously, every tiny noise making him jump.

He heard something close behind him and screamed. A minute later he realized the something was screaming back, and he quieted. "Miguel!" he shouted at the other man, anger replacing the fright of a moment before. "Miguel, you scared me! Where did you go?"

Miguel wrapped his arms around Tulio's waist, pulling his volatile lover close, trying to calm him. "I heard something in the jungle," Miguel murmured against Tulio's collarbone. "I just wanted to see what it was."

Tulio took deep breaths, forced himself to relax. "Find anything?" he asked, his voice casual.

Miguel shook his head. "Nope." He kissed Tulio gently. "Let's go back to sleep, allright?"

They lay quietly for a long few moments before Tulio turned to Miguel and kissed him deeply, with a desperation born of fear and anger. Miguel responded in kind, surging up to meet Tulio, wrapping his arms around the other man's neck.

It was so natural, so right, to make love in the jungle, among the trees and the and leaves and animals. It was natural, also, to come within seconds of each other, laughing quietly together. Natural to lay together afterwards, a jumble of arms and legs, kissing, stroking, petting, whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears.

Tulio, feeling playful after their lovemaking, stretched Miguel out and licked him from head to toe, exploring every delight and mystery of his lover's body. Miguel retaliated by tickling Tulio until he was squirming and shrieking on the leaves, laughing so hard his eyes teared.

They finally tired and fell asleep together, wrapped up in each other, completely worn out.