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Rated-PG-13 (languge and a little sexual talk...(very little) )
Written By: Maddy
Edited by: Nat! :) (Thank you!)
Series: None yet :).
Written: May 1st 2000
Posted: May 7th 2000

"Don't even think about it," Tulio said, without even looking up.

"Aw! How did you know it was me?" Miguel frowned, letting his hand drop to
his side.

Tulio chuckled slightly, glancing at him a moment from the under the wagon
where he was trying to fix the wheel of their broken wagon.

"Well, think about it Miguel. We're in the middle of nowhere, its just you,
me and the donkey pulling the wagon, who else could have it been, hm..?"
he asked, peeking out from under the wagon now curiously at Miguel. Miguel
giving a sheepish grin shrugs.

"Eh--a mountain lion?"

Tulio rose an eyebrow at him before going back to the job of fixing the
broken piece of wood hanging from the bottom of their wagon.

"Stop while you're ahead, Miguel," he said as a dust ball passed by quickly
silently. Miguel sighed, sitting down, making a cloud of dust rise in the
process. He was bored, very bored.

"Very, very, very bored" Miguel muttered to himself looking around for
something to do.

"Miguel, you stay out of trouble now. I'm not about to go save you again,"
Tulio said, muffled from under the wagon, though there was no answer.

"Miguel?" he said, stopping to listen.

"Miguel?" Pushing himself from underneath again, he had to cover his eyes
with an arm against the bright desert sun. Even with his arm over his eyes
he had to squint against the bright rays. When his eyes finally focused,
no Miguel was in sight. He jumped up, looking around, slightly panicked.

"Oh no, oh no," He muttered taking a step away from the wagon's shade. Then
spotted him, with a frown he marched right up behind him, and gave his
bottom a
quick sharp whack, grabbing his ear, just like a father would do to a
misbehaving little kid.
Miguel, taken totally by surprise, let out a yelp.

"Owiee!! Ow! Ow!" Though which was sorer, his butt or his abused ear was
unknown. He was tugged back to the wagon and let go.

"Tulio! That hurt!" He whined with a little boy like pout using both hands
rub his ear and the other to rub his pained backside. Tulio raised his hand
warningly, "Do you need another one?" Miguel rubbing his bottom still,
started to pout the one where he stuck his bottom lip out and looked sulky,
he didnt argue though, just shook his head.

"Good!" He said putting his hand down.
"I don't want you leaving this wagon, bad enough we are being chased but it
would be worse if you disappeared!" Tulio lectured him. Miguel, giving that
puppy dog look once more, just gave a quiet nod.

"Aw, all right, I'm just bored I guess," Miguel sighed. "I mean what kinda
adventure is this? Two guys stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a dumb
mule?" The mule looked up, giving a snort of disgust before going back to
chew on
anything he could find.

Tulio sighed and turned more light hearted as he turned to go back to the
wagon. "Don't worry, Miguel, we'll be out of here soon"

"I hope so--uh, because I don't think these people are coming as a welcome
party," Miguel said, a bit less than calm.

"What??" Tulio said, spinning around. His eyes widened as he saw men coming
at them, a whole posse of them. "Fuck!" Tulio exclaimed, jumping up into the

"Not right now, thank you very much," Miguel said putting his hands on his

"MIGUEL! Would you stop kidding around?? Get up on the wagon NOW! Come

The men were coming up fast. Tulio reached out his hand but at the exact
same moment something leapt out of the bushes scaring the poor donkey. With
a hee-haw it jerked and the wagon started to move, almost making Tulio fall
out. "Whoa! Whoaa!" Tulio cried, trying to calm the donkey. But it was to
late, and he was thrown back in the wagon. The reins had fallen down off the
seat and
to the ground. The donkey gave another noise before taking off, making
Miguel lose his grip and fall back on his backside.

"Tulio!" he cried, panicking now.

"Miguel! Hold on!" Tulio tried to get up, but when he stood the wagon hit a
rock, and he was
thrown back. This time, he whacked his head on the back of the wagon, it
took all his strength just trying not to pass out. For what seemed like
hours, he was working on crawling from the back of the wagon to the front.
The donkey still running, but
slower now, for it was tiring out. The reduced speed gave Tulio a chance to
make quick split
decision. He decided to make a jump for it, though not to the ground. With
leap and perfect timing he landed on the donkey's back, grabbing the reins
managing with one hand to pull the reins to stop it. The donkey at first
protested but finally gave in. Tulio lied back on it for a second taking in
new air, trying to keep his concentration that was getting more and more
fuzzy by the moment. He had held his breath through the whole "flight"
Suddenly he remembered Miguel, and with the speed of light he undid the
donkey, kicking it lightly in the ribs. Being stubborn, it didn't want to
at first, but Tulio knew how to get it going. He gave the donkey a hard
whack on the rear end, and amazingly enough it started to move. Even in his
present situation, Tulio gave a small smile, thinking, 'If it works on
Miguel, it will work on anything!" His smile fading, he turned
serious again, making his way back to where Miguel was last seen.

"God, I went far," he said looking around. All he could see was cactus, and
a cry of a hawk over head, searching for prey, making Tulio hope more then
anything that he wasn't on the dinner menu.

The sun beating became unbearable, shining brightly down on poor Tulio and
he slowly had to peel his sweat stained shirt off. Just as he thought he
was going to pass out, he saw something bright in a small patch of grass.
Something crumpled up, it was red, at first he thought it was a mirage but
wasn't. He stumbled, falling face first in the mud. Thirsty and in pain, he
crawled across the sanded ground, finally getting to
the red bundle. Taking it in his hands he felt it, it was Miguel's red cloth
shirt. Tulio gave a weak yell of horror, but nobody was there to hear him.

And he could stand it no more; his eye sight went from seeing everything,
into a slumber of complete darkness.




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