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  NOTICE: This page and all pages herein still receiving a major face lift as of 05/29/2012. Coming days shall see a new, ad-free domain, new content, and the continual application of the new layout. Menu currently links to "crappy old site" pages from "the year 2000", inconsistent with current project. Please continue to check back for continued, daily progress. I'm excited to fit this little bit of extra artistic energy into my (now) "adult" life (although, as an artist, I find "adult" to be a purely relative term). Cheers!


-Watched Jaws and El Dorado in the same week, spawning the current header graphic thing.
-Posted a giant, bold NOTICE.
-Taking submissions/recruiting for Fanfiction and Fanart (all forms of slash vastly appreciated. And het. There's that, too). Please and Thank You.                  //[EMAIL]

02/23/2012    REVAMP.
Reconstruction begins: After nearly 11 years of hiatus, I was surprised to find this page still online and still generating traffic (in spite of its very "madeintheyear2000bya12yearoldgirl" feel. And reality).
Basic floor-plan applied with Menu linking to old pages.

11/17/2000    Genesis. (version 1.0, more than a decade ago)
                      [time travel!]


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This site is not related to Dreamworks.
Which leaves room for unbridled madness and debauchery.
Yay debauchery!